You have to be patient. But then you see that it really does something for your skin. And all natural, for me that’s important too.
— Ellen, November 2016
I have been using the NutraSkin Collagen Drink for half a year now and I am very satisfied with it, it certainly makes your skin fuller and firmer. I will keep using it.
— Mieke, April 2017

"I like to try new things, but it really works. The fine lines under my eyes are less deep, but I mainly see the wrinkles on my cleavage, which have simply disappeared completely. But you will have to use it consistently. Do not give up immediately and think that it does not work. That applies not only to NutraSkin, but to all supplements. It is that easy. You take a glass and you drink it. I take my supplements every morning and it has been in my system for twenty years."

- Melanieke, april 2017 (From the article 'Het gezicht van', Furrow. Read more)

I am perhaps one of the few men who use your product? Every morning my girlfriend and I both take a sachet. The wrinkles on my forehead have become a lot less deep.
— JW, December 2016
I do not have any real wrinkles, but my neckline has been bothering me. I really get the neck of my mother and I do not want to wear a scarf every day (I’m 46). Creams did not really help, but NutraSkin did. I have been using it for 6 months and the skin of my neck is tighter than before.
— Corinke, December 2016