What ingredients are present in NutraSkin Collagen Drink?

The principle ingredient are VERISOL® Collagen Peptides. VERISOL® is a branded ingredient that has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Besides VERISOL®, 80mg vitamin C is added per daily dose.



How does NutraSkin smell and taste?

NutraSkin is a clean label product.  No addives (such as E-numbers, sugars, sweeteners) are added. The powder has a neutral smell and taste. If you like your collagen drink to have  a flavour, you can mix the powder into a beverage like juice, coconut water, tea or a green smoothie.                                                                                




Does NutraSkin contain allergens?

NutraSkin does not contain eggs, dairy, lactose, gluten, soy, nuts, or fish, and as such is free from the common allergens. 




Are there any sugars or sweeteners in NutraSkin?

No. NutraSkin consist of 100% active ingredients: collagen and vitamin C. It does not contain sugar or sweeteners.


Is NutraSkin suitable for vegetarians?

No. VERISOL® is a bovine-derived ingredient. NutraSkin is therefore not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.


Does NutraSkin contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)?

No. VERISOL® Collagen Peptides (bovine-derived) are certified non-GMO. 


How do I use NutraSkin Collagen Drink?

Take one sachet per day, preferably on an empty stomach. Empty the content of the sachet into a glass. Add a small volume of lukewarm water and stir the mix. Fill the glass up with more water or fruit juice (150 ml) and wait a few minutes before drinking.


Should I take NutraSkin Collagen Drink every day?

NutraSkin is most effective when you take it daily. We recommend incorporating it into part of your daily beauty routine.You can use 1 sachet NutraSkin Collagen Drink for as long as you like (life long). After 3 months usage (and if you want to cut down the costs) you may consider taking a lower dose  (½ sachet) per day.

A serving (1 sachet) of NutraSkin contains 7.5 grams VERISOL® Collagen Peptides. Studies have revealed there is significant improvement to skin elasticity and reduction in wrinkles when at least 2.5g of VERISOL® Collagen Peptides are taken daily.  ½ sachet NutraSkin Collagen Drink does still contain a good dosage VERISOL® .


When is the best time of the day to take NutraSkin Collagen Drink?

NutraSkin must be taken on an empty stomach, either first thing in the morning before breakfast or just before bed at night.


How long must I take NutraSkin before I will see some results?

Test results have shown visible improvement in skin eleasticity and a decrease of wrinkles within 4 weeks of daily intake. The effect is more pronounced after 8 weeks.