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I do not have any real wrinkles, but my neckline has been bothering me. I really get the neck of my mother and I do not want to wear a scarf every day (I’m 46). Creams did not really help, but Nutraskin did. I have been using it for 6 months and my neck is tighter than before
— Corinke, december 2016


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  • Natural anti-aging formula
  • Drinkable collagen dissolves well
  • Reduces the visible signs of aging
  • Helps maintain the elasticity of the skin
  • High daily dose of 7.5 g of VERISOL® 
  • Easy in use
  • Neutral of smell and taste
  • Clean label: 100% free of additives
  • Free from allergens

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No less than 70% of the dry mass of your skin consists of collagen. The collagen content in the skin decreases before the thirtieth year of life. This reduces the elasticity of the skin and gradually the first wrinkles appear.





Many men and women prefer less drastic beauty treatments. The demand for natural anti-aging such as collagen drinks is increasing rapidly. NutraSkin Collagen Drink has been developed to preserve your natural beauty longer. NutraSkin contains VERISOL®, bioactive collagen peptides that end up in deeper skin layers. It is where VERISOL® does its work. The collagen peptides fill wrinkles from inside as it were. NutraSkin Collagen Drink also contains vitamin C that contributes to the formation of collagen that helps to strengthen the skin.





Studies confirm that NutraSkin Collagen Drink leads to a noticeable firm skin with less deep wrinkles. The vulnerable skin of neck and décolleté also benefits from Nutraskin. With only one sachet dissolved per day in water or fruit juice, your collagen drink forms a gradual rejuvenation cure. Drinkable collagen is preferred over collagen tablets or capsules. The amount of collagen in a NutraSkin sachet simply does not fit in a few collagen pills.






NutraSkin is a natural anti-aging supplement for beauty from within. The key ingredient is VERISOL®. Studies have shown that VERISOL® decreases wrinkle volume and improves the skin elasticity. After 8 weeks the VERISOL® group showed an average decrease in wrinkle volume of 20% and a maximum reduction of 50%. 98% of the VERISOL® group showed improved skin elasticity 4 weeks after intake. This suggests a long term effect.


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1.    Put the contents of one sachet in a glass
2.   Add a little lukewarm water and stir well
3.   Fill the glass with water and let stand for a few minutes
4.   Your daily collagen drink is ready for use





NutraSkin Collagen Drink (box 20 sachets) is available in shops in The Netherlands and Belgium. You can also order your NutraSkin Collagen Drink online at Vitaminstore. For other countries, do not hesitate to contact us.


direction for use

Empty the content of one sachet into a glass. Add a small volume of water (room temperature) and stir the mix. Fill the glass up with more water and then wait a few minutes before drinking.

Collagen drink

NutraSkin is a natural anti-aging supplement for beauty from within. The key ingredient is VERISOL®. Studies have shown that VERISOL® decreases wrinkle volume and improves the skin elasticity

Questions & answers

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