NutraSkin is a natural anti-aging supplement for beauty from within. The key ingredient is VERISOL®. Studies have shown that VERISOL® decreases wrinkle volume and improves the skin elasticity.  After 8 weeks the VERISOL® group showed an average decrease in wrinkle volume of 20% and a maximum reduction of 50%. 98% of the VERISOL® group showed improved skin elasticity 4 weeks after intake. This suggest a long term effect. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin. 

The quality of collagen as an ingredient in a beauty drink is based upon the quality of the original source of collagen, its handling as it is processed and the batch-to-batch consistency of the finished collagen material. VERISOL® collagen has a patented process to produce smaller sized molecules from high-quality collagen sources.